Monday, 17 April 2017

(128) Sheiking All Over

Melissa waited nervously.The music began to play a fast tempo. A hypnotic eastern tune swirled across the large spacious palace room.
 It had been two years since she had last set eyes on Greg her cheating abusive ex-boyfriend, She had often thought of him and wondered if he had escaped or was still suffering her revenge.
 A female figure moved seductively behind a gauze curtain a curvy tantalising silhouette.
Melissa had Greg to thank for her now comfortable life she could not believe how the payback had gone so far way beyond her wildest expectations. Humiliate, embarrass and maybe rob Greg of a little of his proud machismo was the idea. But the glory of the internet is a wonderful thing. A meeting on women's chat room. The mysterious Jullie, she made things happen.
Greg disappeared for a few weeks and when next she saw him at a fetish club Jullie used she had seen Greg brought out shamed and embarrassed in full drag led by a leather clad Dominatrix.
 Apparently, the powerful electric butt plug had been an afterthought but a good way for the patron to tease the victim was extra icing. The remote was handed to Mellisa and a press of the plus button caused Greg to shudder, another press caused him to yelp and adopt a sexy tiptoe mince around the room. It was hilarious. She had to try the next setting. Wow, the wiggle that convulsed the tormented man sent a pulse from his skirt glad arse and hips. working up his body to quake the false breasts and down to buckle his knees.
 It was a glorious fun night for Melissa the memories would make her happy forever and with the video and photos, she had ammunition enough to make Greg a good obedient boy.
 Had things stopped there she would not have minded but in the audience was a man who saw the new forced sissy dancing. He was captivated and desired another slave for his harem. Oh, the potential for this one, those moves. And the evil oil Sheik could make offers and have the changes with just a dip into his loose change.
 The thin curtain pulled back. The dancer turned and with every beat swung her way into the center of the room and gathered guests with. Pure female sexuality, tantalizing movements sensual teasing.
 To be honest when the Sheik made the offer Mellissa could not believe that it was for real. Could you really sell somebody in this day and age? But she had gone along with it and enjoyed scaring Greg more. It was with amazement that when she looked at her bank account and saw the 500k sitting there. And Greg had not been seen again. Until now just three weeks after the invite and plane tickets to the desert kingdom.
 The dancer swirled her pulsating hips to the watching men. Working her way around the circle entrapping every eye. An erotic playfulness and tempting invitation.
 Until. The scream the look of pure shock and mouth agape horror. The trembling belly dancer stopped, Trying to shout trying to comprehend. She was in front of Mellisa.
Greg! was all Mellisa could muster.
Dance girl. Came the loud forceful command of the Shiek.
There was panic in the poor former man's face, dread. Every humiliation of the past months, the training. the surgeries and hormones, what he was forced to do. But he was paralysed now in front of the woman who had made it happen.
 I said dance slave. The sheik boomed again. He reached over and grabbed a gold remote handset.
Greg looked in horror. closed his eyes and breathed in sharply.
Y-Yes Master sorry Master. He stuttered in tearful resignation. And started to rock to bring himself back into the still churning beat.
 The Sheik leant over towards Mallissa and gave her the remote.
Please, madame,, indulge yourself this girl belongs to you for as long as you wish to stay.
 Thank you Sir. She had such a warm feeling and a tingle of power.
 She pressed the plus button and sat back smiling as the show began to get  a little wilder,


  1. Fantastic caption, Ian! Great writing and great image.

    1. Thank you Emory. Glad you enjoyed it. It is nice to be able to stretch the theme outside the confines of a caption. I had to check out many belly dancers to find this GIF. Its a hard life.
      Ian X